A room of understatement, filled with pure forms, attained through
controlled subtraction. In this place, you and me are one,
we speak in unison. Equipped with agile composure.
To explore your individuality, you simply need to exhale and observe.
Observe before you shall engage. In these moments of reflection,
life is at its most profound.
RAHA ASADI embraces the mindful determination of curious explorers,
brave personas that shape their own respective paths. Along the line,
their wardrobes should be rich in simplicity, well constructed and effortlessly democratic.
A garment should mark a profound bond with its wearer,
 shaping an intelligent dialogue, rich in benevolence.
The studio works from a holistic and responsible mindset, aiming to leave
behind a positive social and environmental footprint. Traditional craftsmanship
serves as our foundation, blended skillfully with contemporary references.
Together. Always connected, by never looking back.