The aroma of fog fills the air

Amidst the slumbering city, the traffic is all that is audible


You watch the flickering streetlights, on the verge of falling into reverie, when you see her approaching you.


As you watch her, your gaze meets hers as she strides past with a subtle nod and an ambiguous smile,


Neither happy nor sad, demure yet autocratic

Even from a distance, the crocodile leather of her jacket and silver hardware reflects the broken street light, breaking the fog and signaling her arrival

The shoulders of her jacket are broad.


The hardware of her garment clicking in sync with her steps


You question: is this orchestrated?

The tall looming buildings of the financial district amplify the bleakness, frigid cold, and heartlessness of the area


 As you watch her, you get a
closer look at the striped shirt under her jacket.


The epaulets on her shoulders,

The round zipper pullers, resembling hooks


As you watch her, you get the
sense that, like the tall buildings, she is domineering and powerful

You feel compelled to know her, to approach her,
yet just as your lips part she takes a sharp turn
on the corner.


She enters one of the looming glass buildings, disappearing from your sight


The night is still dark, but those who are observant
are able to see through to the brightness


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