Looming but agile,

Meticulously staged as a reflection of self,

She echoes her abode

Denim of esteem, tailored

to her towering form.




Herself, her garments,
and her home, All pragmatic in construction, yet an extension
 of her being.

Still but contemplating, she sits, Brushed by light, and air, and time, and space.


Cognizant of fragility,

But ever sure of self

and direction



Revealing facets diplomatically,

Her delicate form,

Shown through the mesh

of her blouse.

Opulent but approachable.

A depth of knowledge,

Seen only when her gaze

meets another.


Transient in space, but

enduring with promise.

Wrapped in wool,

draped in respect.


Lost in thought,

Surrounded by what was,

And what will soon come to be.


Timeless in structure, but saturated with self.


Stealing the slightest of glances to the past,

But ever focused forward.


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